Catherine Izzo - Photographe


Jean-Claude Izzo

Images express the real, always. But, too often they reveal merely the semblance of real, a skimming of the surface. Images of daily life then, of happiness or violence, multiplying themselves and, little by little, falsifying the readability of the world. How to show the complexity of the real ? That is the true question artists must answer. It is in this spirit that Catherine Izzo has worked, solitarily and patiently for years. Attempting to approach the real in its most sensitive way and its most secret way as well. Silence, absence. Sometimes expressing, in a fleeting way, the other’s outlook. Her images, accumulated slowly, always doubtfully, tell nothing. They are only discrete glimpses into instances of men, the places where the real tries to answer life’s questions. It is our job to imagine the possible or the impossible, our job to give body to silence, words to absence. And to finally find the taste of the world’s emotion.

October 1999.

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