Catherine Izzo - Photographe


Black Silencies


This work was created from March 18th to June 7th 2001 during the making of Claire Devers’s film “Les Marins Perdus” (Lost Sailors), inspired by Jean Claude Izzo’s book by the same title (Flammarion, 1997). These images have become the subject of the book “Noirs Silences, dans le sillage des Marins perdus” (Black Silences, in the traces of lost sailors) edited by Images en Manœuvres Editions, April 2002 and of four exhibitions : FNAC Galleries, “Etonnants Voyageurs” Festival, Saint-Malo 2002, the gallery “Chambre à part”, Strasbourg March 2003, “Lire en Fête”, Marseille October 2001.

This work is the subject of a new exhibition during the « Mai de la Photo » - Villeneuve sur Lot - France. Twenty photographs developped on « kakemonos ». Texts of Erri De Luca, Thierry Fabre and Catherine Izzo. The images were made by Picto Méditerranée.
Exhibition from April 30 to may 30, 2010, Barge Zéralda, Cale de la Marine.



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