Catherine Izzo - Photographe




“Rainy Istanbul…
The city moves closer, drawing us in, intimate, sensitive, muffled. A new dimension takes shape, veiled and unknown, secret and delicate.
Landscapes dissolve, the sky and sea embrace.
Istanbul becomes a palette of subtle gray and refined, infinite nuance, exceptionally graceful for those who take time to notice.
Silver gray of the mosques’ dome, ash gray of the Madrasahs’ cupolas, dull anthracite asphalt, porcelain gray of the türbe’s marble, blue gray wisps of smoke escaping the
frail tortuous chimneys, brown-gray smoke from boats,
the heavy dull gray outlining cargos as they slowly
make their way up the Bosphorus, green-gray of the Eyup hill, dove gray
fountains, the pearl gray Galata tower, pink-gray façade
of the Greek orthodox Patriarcat in Fener, somber gray of Teodos Suru.
Rain washes the leaden roofs, highlighting a field of minarets, softening the yellow taxis, darkening the façades of wooden houses.
Boats become nothing more than simple ghostlike shapes,
the mosques large, imaginary animals.
You may think this is a sad, sinister tableau.
It’s merely soft melancholy.
Çay bahçesi terraces disappear, often
hastily buried beneath a clear plastic tarp.
A few remaining stools, sheltered by small awnings or the marketplace’s larger roofs, upon which the bravest sit and sip their eternal tea.
A river, mid-street, pouring towards the Water. I always
wanted -without ever - to place a paper boat on it and follow its path
as it joggles down to the Marmara.
Inside the lokanta windows fog over. Behind the steam
the streets become a no-mans’ land mysterious and remote,
countryside open to all dreams. {…}”
Catherine Izzo
Extract from “Istanbul carnets curieux”/ Istanbul inquisitive notebooks, soon to be published by Editions Le Bec en l’air in Autumn 2010.



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