Buying town house, villas and properties. Your flat hunter looks for town houses , properties and villas in Paris, les Hauts de Seine, and in Deauville and Trouville

The town house is the perfect example of conservation of the past despite the onward march of urbanization. Thanks to the independence it confers and the very pleasant quality of life it offers in the Paris region and in urban environments, the town house is a sought-after prize. "" finds you properties in Paris,Paris region ["Hauts de Seine"], and in Deauville Trouville.

The town house

The town house offers family living and a quality lifestyle that satisfies all practical requirements : it is an alternative way of life inside the town because it is the town that organizes itself around the house. The occupants are a privileged population who enjoy the comfort of a house while benefitting from services and shops close by.

A unique advantage of the town house is that it allows its owners to access the town while preserving their intimacy and their independence. A garden increases this concept of a private space, preserving one's private life from the outsider's gaze and giving the house a unique identity.

Uniqueness, comfort, independence are the adjectives that are associated with the town house and these qualities are increasingly sought after.

The town house is the perfect compromise between the desire to enjoy the comfort of an individual house and the wish to live in the heart of the town. It is the ideal investment for those who wish to participate fully in city life while protecting the intimacy of their private life.

Paris-Paris region-Deauville Trouville
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