Buying a loft, duplex or triplex in Paris or in the Paris region, France

Lofts have always been the stuff of dreams : symbols of openness and light, lofts, devoted in the past to work, have today become living spaces.
Duplex on two floors or triplex on three floors, lofts are hard to find because they have very diverse origins : industrial premises to be refurbished, joining together of two flats one on top of the other in a building or refurbishing of attic space, the loft is a life style in itself.
"" finds lofts or spaces to be refurbished for you in Paris, in the Paris region ["Hauts de Seine"] and in Deauville Trouville.

Lofts, duplex or triplex

With their large open layout, a perfect compromise between the flat and the town house, lofts offer their occupants real spaces of freedom. Atypical and sometimes unique, they provide an alternative lifestyle within an urban environment.

Former industrial premises or artist’s studios converted into living spaces, lofts allow you to create a personal space, that you can adapt in many different ways. Sought-after living spaces, the quality of life they offer attracts all those looking for extra space, while enjoying the advantages of town services close by. Responding to modern trends, they offer direct access to city life while maintaining a comfortable life-style. Investing in a loft enables you to acquire a flat made up of large, open spaces that can be customized to suit your wishes, thus offering you freedom to design and to refurbish your home in comfort.

A perfect living space, it can also become an ideal working space for those who wish to combine cleverly professional and private life. The fashion today is for large open spaces, transparency and light and the loft represents a complete life style. More than just a passing fashion, this market is growingly attractive to people with this mindset.

In addition it is no longer possible for a real estate agent to design a new programme without creating lofts, duplex and triplex apartments. In cases when the space remains to be fitted out, the owner can get a very attractive price, well below "classical" real estate prices. The loft can thus be a really good investment.

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